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Student MSc & BSc Theses

For theses from Löffler lab, see https://quphotonics.org/

Year thesis Name Title & link
MSc, 2019 Guido Stam Strongly focused vortices and pinhole scanning microscopy
MSc, 2019 Jeroen van Doorn An investigation of the plane-concave Fabry Perot cavity
MSc, 2019 Corné Koks Mechanical manipulation of line defects in a 2D photonic topological insulator
MSc, 2019 Tim Fuchs Through the Eye of the Mirror
MSc, 2019 Daniëlle van Klink Optical properties of amorphous thin-film MoGe
MSc, 2019 Tycho Roorda
MSc, 2019 Angelique van Vark Towards single photon spectroscopy
MSc, 2019 Vincent Eerenberg
BSc, 2019 Naor Scheinowitz On the Thermodynamics of Toroidal Helium Plasmas
BSc, 2019 Wout Gevaert
MSc, 2019 Gerard Westra Quantum entangled single photons with partial distinguishability
BSc, 2019 Edward Hissink Photonic cluster states with quantum dots
BSc, 2019 Sacha Szkudlarek The simulation of a plane-concave Fabry-Perot micro-cavity
BSc, 2019 Andreas Lepidis On Quadripartite Entanglement in High-Dimensional Hilbert Space
BSc, 2019 Charlie Bender Towards 4-photon OAM entanglement experiments
BSc, 2019 Sam Woldringh Analogies of Positronium & Quantum Dot Excitons
MSc, 2019Konstantin Iakovlev Generation of Linear Cluster States with a Deterministic Single Photon Source
MSc, 2018 Erik W. de Vos Surface Plasmon Lasing & Dispersion
BSc, 2018 Kevin van Helden Examples of quantum moduli algebras via Hopf algebra gauge theory on ribbon graphs
BSc, 2018 Maurits Houmes Field line solutions of the Maxwell equations using the 3+1 formalism for general relativity
BSc, 2018 Steven Riedijk Rabi oscillations in a cavity-quantum dot system
BSc, 2018 Daan Barsukoff Poniatowsky Photonic cluster states with quantum dot cavity QED
BSc, 2018 Thomas Steenbergen Thermal conductivity measurements of nanometer-thick SiN membranes
BSc, 2018 Evert Stolte Characterisation of 3D-printed micro-structures for optics
MSc, 2017 Elger Vlieg A membrane-in-the-middle device for optomechanics
MSc, 2017 David Kok Single photons and coherent light in polarized quantum dot cavity QED
MSc, 2017 Marnix van de Stolpe Optimizing the polarization for a brighter CQED single photon source
MSc, 2017 Snigdh Sabharwal Spatial Bunching of Entangled Four Photons
MSc, 2017 Snigdh Sabharwal Hopfions in Curved Spacetime
MSc, 2017 Vincent Post Towards fiber coupled cavity quantum electrodynamics
BSc, 2017 Andreani Petrou Singular light knots
BSc, 2017 Jimi de Haan Spectroscopic Study of Ytterbium in Amorphous Silicon Nitride
BSc, 2016 Joris Carmiggelt Creating spatially entangled 4-photon states by parametric down conversion
BSc, 2016 David van Driel Magnetic-field enhanced coherence in Ytterbium-doped ring resonators at millikelvin temperatures
BSc, 2016 Camiel van Efferen Back-action evading measurements on a trampoline resonator
BSc, 2016 Bart de Klerk Knots and electromagnetism
BSc, 2016 Sebastian Lučić Fibre bundles in general relativity
BSc, 2016 Joost Opschoor KAM and Melnikov theory describing island chains in plasmas
BSc, 2016 Marijn van Velzen Wavefront shaping for absorption optimization in a thin film solar cell
BSc, 2016 Steven Zwaan Plasma rings in laser-induced plasma
BSc, 2016 Jasper Bouman Gravity and Connections on Vector Bundles
MSc, 2015 Mengzi Huang Cooling a Mechanical Resonator with an Artificial Cold Resistor
BSc, 2015 Roel Burgwal The effect of electric pre-ionization on the laser-induced breakdown of helium
BSc, 2015 Marc Paul Noordman Investigation of the light produced by a 2 mm length PPTKP crystal be spontaneous parametric down-conversion
BSc, 2015 Mila Schipper Search for spatially entangled photon pairs from a 2 mm PPKTP crystal
MSc, 2015 Marios Kounalakis Generation and Characterisation of Picosecond Laser Pulses
MSc, 2015 Kim Vendel Super-oscillatory lenses and optical metasurfaces
BSc, 2015 Ruud van Asseldonk The Hopf Map in Magnetohydrodynamics
MSc, 2014 Irina Komen Superconducting single photon detectors, magnetic fields and polarisation
MSc, 2014 Andre van Delft The complex band structure of surface plasmons on a square metal hole array
MSc, 2014 Thomas Ruytenberg Hysteresis with Quantum Dots in Micropillar Cavities
BSc, 2013 Donny de Bruin DNA-encapsulated silver clusters on DNA-nanotube structures
MSc, 2013 Louwrens van Dellen Depolarization and Second Harmonic Generation in Photonic Crystal Slabs
BSc, 2013 Jeroen van Gorsel Vortex splitting and vortex coronography
BSc, 2013 Danny Hetharia Spatial coherence and the orbital angular momentum of light in astronomy
BSc, 2013 David Kok Driven oscillations in a Fabry-Perot cavity
MSc, 2013 Bob Rengelink Superconducting-nanowire-single-photon- detectors in a magnetic field
BSc, 2013 Kim Vendel Polarization and angle dependence of transmission through subwavelength hole arrays
BSc, 2012 Mark Bogers Creating different polarisations using sub-wavelength slits in a zigzag pattern
BSc, 2012 Marc Kralingen Temperature-dependence of NbN photon detector behavior
BSc, 2012 Irina Komen Quantum optics with DNA encapsulated silver clusters on nanotubes
MSc, 2012 Daniël Geelen Detecting Correlations of High-Dimensional Spatially Entangled Photons using Phase-only Modulation
MSc, 2012 Francesco Ricci Experimental study of phase singularities in optical beams carrying orbital angular momentum
MSc, 2012 Rick Leijssen Mid-infrared photonic crystal cavities
BSc, 2012 Anne Meeussen Surface plasmon polaritons at a metal-dielectric interface with randomly spaced subwavelength holes
MSc, 2012 Carolina Rendón Barraza Phase retrieval using plasmonic nanostructures
BSc, 2012 Henk Snijders Real-time oxidation monitoring of a cavity aperture using reflection
BSc, 2012 Guido Stam Quadrant Detector Response of Non-integer Orbital Angular Momentum Laser Beams
BSc, 2012 Steffie Ypma Probing encapsulatedcacy of antisense oligonucleotides with uorescent silver clusters
MSc, 2011 Yorick van Boheemen Direct detection and characterization of vortices in optical speckle
BSc, 2011 Johan Bosman A subwavelength slit as a quarterwave retarder
MSc, 2011 Ralph Lenssen Towards lossless plasmonics
BSc, 2011 Shawn Levie Measuring photon statistics with single-photon counters
MSc, 2011 Jeroen Sirre Analysis of speckles behind random patterns of nano holes
MSc, 2011 Alexander van der Torren Spatially entangled four-photon states
MSc, 2011 Jasper Woudenberg Classical and quantum scattering
MSc, 2011 Jeroen Zonneveld Using a spatial light modulator to efficiently couple light to photonic-crystal modes
BSc, 2010 Frans Coppens Near-field correlations in downconverted light with a strongly focused pump
MSc, 2010 Daniel Marjenburgh Geometric representations of finite dimensional quantum systems
BSc, 2010 Evert van Nieuwenburg Solid state CQED; Quantum dots in microcavities
BSc, 2010 Chris Smiet Plasmonics in metal hole arrays
BSc, 2010 Jasper Woudenberg Measurements on partial coherent light
BSc, 2009 Bastiaan Florijn Interference of two high-dimensional entangled photons
MSc, 2009 Ziyu Gu Towards two-dimensional optics
MSc, 2009 Thierry Kaufmann Progress on the study of two-photon speckles
BSc, 2009 Rick Leijssen AFM and optical measurements on photonic-crystal slabs
MSc, 2009 Filippo Miatto High dimensional entanglement and the design of sector phase plates
BSc, 2009 Johannes Simon Light transmission through subwavelength slits
BSc, 2009 Keesjan de Vries Optical modes of micropillar cavities
BSc, 2008 Jelle Brill Second harmonic generation in GaP nanowires
MSc, 2008 Philip Chimento Orbital angular momentum mode analysis with a micro mirror array
MSc, 2008 Jelmer Renema Two-photon interference on Young's double slit
BSc, 2008 Hans Moerman Two-photon interference on Young's double slit
MSc, 2008 Daniel Stolwijk Optical studies of nano-hole arrays
MSc, 2007 Floris Braakman Towards heralded detection of single photons at 2 µm using superconducting NbN nanowires
BSc, 2007 Peter Heemskerk FDTD simulations on periodic perforated slabs
BSc, 2006 Sanli Faez Transmission of light through sub-wavelength metallic slits
BSc, 2006 Arthur Zonnenberg Supercontinuum generation in the picosecond regime