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PhD Theses

Year Name Title & link
2018 Henk Snijders Quantum dot microcavity control of photon statistics
2018 Hedwig Eerkens Investigations of radiation pressure: optical side-band cooling of a trampoline resonator and the effect of superconductivity on the Casimir force
2018 Frank Buters Where photons meet phonons
2018 Flavio Mariani Scattering and absorption in 2D optics
2017 Vasco Tenner Surface plasmon lasers
2017 Chris Smiet Knots in plasma
2015 Nemanja Markešević Optical properties of DNA-hosted silver clusters
2015 Dapeng Ding Cavity quantum electrodynamics with rare-earth ions in solids
2015 Wang, Qiang Photon detection at subwavelength scales
2015 Morten P Bakker Cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots in microcavities
2015 Jelmer J Renema The physics of nanowire superconducting single-photon detectors
2014 Jan Willem Dalhuisen The Robinson congruence in electrodynamics and general relativity
2014 Çiğdem Saime Yorulmaz Beyond Photon pairs
2013 Philip Chimento Two-dimensional optics: Diffraction and dispersion of surface plasmons
2013 Frerik van Beijnum Scattering, loss, and gain of surface plasmons
2012 Jan Gudat Cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots in microcavities
2011 Joris Berkhout Fundamental methods to measure the orbital angular momentum of light
2011 Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires Spatial coherence and entanglement of light
2011 Bart-Jan Pors Entangling light in high dimensions (High-dimensional spatial entanglement in quantum information)
2010 Wouter H. Peeters Two-photon interference (Spatial aspects of two-photon entanglement, diffraction, and scattering)
2010 Steven J.M. Habraken Light with a twist (ray aspects in singular wave and quantum optics)
2009 Eduard F.C. Driessen Coupling Light to Periodic Nanostructures
2008 Nikolay V. Kuzmin Interference Effects with Surface Plasmons
2007 Graciana Puentes Classical and Quantum Scattering in Optical Systems
2006 Thijs Klaassen Imperfect Fabry-Perot resonators
2006 Peter S.K. Lee Quantum entanglement in polarization and space
2005 Javier A. Loaiza Experimental demonstration of the fractal nature of unstable-resonator modes
2005 Jorrit Visser Operator description of the dynamics of optical modes
2005 Erwin Altewischer Sub-wavelength hole arays, surface plasmons and quantum entanglement
2004 Hayk L. Haroutyunyan Coherent control of cold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates by light
2004 Sumant R. Oemrawsingh Optical dislocations and quantum entanglement
2003 Jos Dingjan Multi-mode optical resonators and wave chaos
2002 Yngve Lien Intensity dynamics of a slow-inversion laser
2002 Steven van den Berg Dynamics of polymer lasers
2001 Marnix B. Willemsen Polarization fluctuations in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
2000 Alexander M. van der Lee Unraveling the mechanism of excess quantum noise
2000 Krista Joosten Cavity losses and fluctuations of laser light
1999 Frans E. van Dorsselaer Quantum Trajectories
1999 Gerwin P. Karman Singular Optics
1998 Eric W. M. van der Ham Sum-frequency generation at interfaces: a study employing the Felix free-electron laser
1998 Rob F. M. Hendriks Optically-pumped vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers
1998 Harald van Kampen Optical properties of dense atomic vapours an experimental study
1998 Boris Nagels New light on nuclear spin conversion in molecules
1998 Paul M. Visser Dark Atoms in Light Fields
1997 Martijn A. van Eijkelenborg Excess quantum noise in unstable-cavity lasers
1997 S. K. Masalmeh A comparitive study of the low and high frequency characteristics of metal-insulator-metal diodes
1997 E. J. van Duijn Rotational state and molecular collisions
1996 A. K. Jansen van Doorn Symmetry breaking in vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers
1996 M. W. Beijersbergen Phase singularities in optical beams
1995 D. Bouwmeester Quantum mechanics and classical optics
1995 S. J. M. Kuppens The quantum-limited laser linewidth explored in extreme regimes
1993 H. I. Bloemink Light-induced drift of simple molecules and astrophysical implications
1992 G. J. van der Meer Molecular collision processes studied by light-induced kinetic effects
1992 R. Centeno Neelen Passive and active optical ring cavities
1992 S. J. van Enk Light as a thermodynamic force
1991 R. J. C. Spreeuw Optical atoms
1991 M. C. de Lignie Light-induced drift of alkali atoms with monochromatic light
1991 W. A. Hamel Effect of outcoupling on the quantum-limited linewidth of a semiconductor laser
1990 F. Wittgrefe Light-induced drift of Rubidium and spectral properties of semiconductor lasers
1990 R. W. M. Hoogeveen Light-induced kinetic effects in molecular gases
1988 R. Horne On rotational polarization in non-equilibrium Knudsen gases
1988 R. J. van Oord Optical studies on the distribution function in a heat conducting gas
1988 H. G. C. Werij Light-induced drift of Na atoms
1987 J. Schlejen Spectroscopy of NaNa and NaHg diatomics in high pressure vapours
1987 J. E. M. Haverkort Light-induced drift of Na in noble gases: a realistic description